Focus On... Best Practice

  • Big thinking pays off
    Twelve months of innovative and flexible thinking paid off in a big way for Burwood Council at local government’s night of nights.
  • Cloud solutions accelerate Council agenda and minutes process*
    Harbour Software specialises in providing niche cloud-based solutions to help local governments enhance their governance processes.
  • Repurposed wastewater gets great results
    Farms and golf courses have reaped the rewards of environmentally-friendly processes at the Port Douglas Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • First recycled roads roll out
    Meander Valley Council, Tasmania, is demonstrating its commitment to working towards a sustainable future by using waste and recyclable materials to resurface parts of the Municipality’s road network.
  • Going digital supports arts
    When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, many business sectors were hit hard, but none more than the arts sector.
  • Waste Facility has gone solar
    City of Darwin’s Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility is now running on solar power after 260 solar panels were installed on the roof of the Recycling and Resource Recovery Centre.
  • Local government cloud budgeting, reporting, planning tool*
    MAGIQ Performance significantly reduces manual effort and will improve your budgeting, reporting and financial planning cycles.
  • Making your journey to a low carbon fleet smoother*
    Sustainable fleet management is not only good for business; it’s good for the environment as well.
  • Tech for living assets
    Planting and looking after trees in the City of Gosnells, Western Australia, has taken a technical turn, with the recent introduction of field data reporting and online mapping.
  • Reef trial to reduce erosion
    City of Cockburn will host Western Australia’s first full-scale trial of an engineered reef designed to slow down coastal erosion by breaking down wave energy reaching the shore.
  • Recycled plastics are export quality
    A top recycling program in Armidale, New South Wales, is the key to securing a partnership with South America.
  • Driver identification – more important than ever*
    Traditionally fleet telematics solutions provide a single method for identifying drivers.
  • Procurement model goes strategic
    A new approach to procurement by Logan City Council, Queensland, will deliver increased value for money for the community.
  • Recycling on the move
    Northern Midlands Council, Tasmania, has launched its new mobile recycling centre.
  • Meet Rose the chatbot
    Devonport City Council is the first local government in Tasmania and one of very few in Australia to introduce a chatbot.
  • Dirty glass recycled
    Shoalhaven City Council, New South Wales, has received grant funding of $500,000 from the Environment Trust to enter into a partnership with University of New South Wales’ Sustainable Materials and Technology Centre (UNSW SMaRT Centre) to establish a Green Ceramics MICROfactorieTM at West Nowra.
  • Bioresources powering the city
    City of Gold Coast, Queensland, is expanding opportunities to produce cost-saving energy and commercial soil products from its bioresources.
  • Rural roads get new treatment*
    Big spending on infrastructure by the Federal Government continues to drive the national COVID-19 recovery.