Focus On... Training and Professional Development

  • Improving access for all
    Two local Councils are working to improve access to buildings, amenities and to tackle mobility issues throughout their regions.
  • Councilís champion childcare trainee
    Gosford City Councilís Childcare Trainee, Ebony Bruns, has been named one of the Trainees of the Year at the 2012 Central Coast Training Awards.
  • Future directions in training and professional development
    From Sorell Council Health & Wellbeing Committee, Tasmania. Four years ago, Sorell Council Senior Management asked for volunteers across all departments to form a Health & Wellbeing Committee, to put in place programs that would not only encourage staff to consider healthy lifestyle options, but also to break down barriers between different departments.
  • Lunch time forums
    For a minimal cost, the City of Stirling has helped maximise its professional development opportunities for staff by providing monthly Good Governance Lunch Time Forums.
  • Leadership Discovery Program
    Itís taken 12 months of hard work but Fraser Coast Regional Council has welcomed the first graduates from its inaugural Leadership Discovery Program (LDP).
  • Great place to work
    Creating a great place to work and building organisational capacity is a priority for the City of Melville.  To achieve this end, the organisation utilizes the Australian Business Excellence Framework to guide their learning and development culture.
  • On site training delivering benefits to council
    When The Shire of Esperance identified a need to address a skills shortage in project management across the organisation it was decided to deliver the training on site.
  • Roll out benefits Ipswich
    Ipswichís small-scale enterprises, community groups, not for profit organisations and residents will all reap the benefits from the National Broadband Network (NBN) early roll out.
  • Numeracy and literacy training opens doors
    Following a number of requests from their outdoor workforce, Southern Downs Regional Councilís Human Resources department set up a numeracy and literacy skills training program, with positive results for all the participants, and for Council.
  • Effective procurement as a strategic tool
    Local government budgets are caught between rising community expectations on the one hand, and capped revenue streams on the other. Valuable or worthwhile projects are sometimes cancelled, simply for lack of funds.
  • Charles Sturt commits to its leaders
    In late 2009, the City of Charles Sturt launched its Team Leader Development Forum, which was created to support and grow leadership skills at Charles Sturt Council.
  • Success for council jobs and skills program
    While officially drawing to a close, the Bundaberg Regional Councilís Jobs & Skills Development Officer Program will have long-term benefits for the region.
  • Meeting the infrastructure asset management challenge*
    Growing importance is being placed on the long-term lifecycle costs associated with the operation, maintenance and renewal of physical assets. This has created the need for skills in the management of infrastructure networks such as roads, water supply, drainage and sewerage.
  • Continuous improvement
    Port Adelaide Enfield Councilís (PAE) continuous improvement philosophy has led to the implementation of a number of systems to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its services.
  • Supporting local service providers through the National Disability Insurance Scheme
    Written by Brian Lee Archer, Director, IBM Cķram Research Institute. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the most significant changes in Australian social policy since the introduction of Medicare.  The Productivity Commission estimates around 410,000 Australians have significant disabilities requiring ongoing support.
  • Teaming up for sustainability
    The Mayor of Randwick, Councillor Scott Nash and UNSW Vice-President, University Services, Neil Morris have signed a landmark Sustainability Agreement.
  • A home-grown approach to building talent
    Attracting and retaining quality staff isnít an issue exclusive to large metropolitan Councils; their Regional counterparts face the same challenges compounded by skill shortages and smaller talent pools in
    their communities.
  • Getting the crew together
    The City of Busselton held its first ever all-staff conference earlier this year and with more than 230 employees across five directorates participating, this was a major logistical feat.
  • Practical qualifications in road engineering
    Many may not appreciate that Australia relies more on road transport than any other nation in the world, on a per capita basis, and is challenged on critical fronts like few others, given its size, its climatic and geological diversity, and a low population base (but high road length km/head).
  • Investment in conflict resolution training makes good business sense
    The Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACDC), the training and professional development service of the Australian International Disputes Centre, offers a range of best practice courses to manage all types of conflict, complaints and grievances.
  • Never too late to learn
    The depot workers at Renmark Paringa Council in South Australia discovered it is never too late to learn new tricks when they undertook a Certificate III in Civil Construction.
  • Alliance bolsters service to local government
    CT Management Group and Cambron Pty Ltd recently announced the formalisation of an alliance to strengthen the services they offered local government across Australia.
  • Member reward
    Special Purpose Loan promotional offer for 10 year members of APS Benefits.
  • Regional Australia: raise your voice
    Regional Australia makes a significant contribution to Australiaís GDP through primary production, tourism and mining and plays an important role in delivering civic services to regional populations.
  • Internal promotions aplenty
    At Shire of Murray Council in Western Australia, a focus on internal career development and professional development is contributing to a vital and creative workplace.
  • CPA Australia Ė the path to developing your career!*
    Randwick Council manager - Mitchel Woods, CPA has been named Young Financial Manager of the Year.
  • Corporate Profile welcomes spring*
    Spring is in the air and itís time to enjoy the sunshine and carnival season.