May 2011 Edition

  • No nuclear to go nuclear
    In the wake of the tsunami in Japan and the radioactive discharge from damaged nuclear power plants, it would take a brave individual to state that nuclear power is the way of the future.
  • Counting front and back
    The UK Experience by Malcolm Morley*
    A lot of attention is focused upon whether a staff position is front line or not. A mantra appears to be developing that cutting back office jobs and using the freed resources for the front line positions will somehow go a long way towards solving the problem of public sector cost reduction and protecting service provision.
  • Constitutional recognition concern from Federal Opposition
    While many Local Governments have now passed resolutions in support of constitutional recognition, the Federal Opposition appears to be edging away from vital bipartisan support on the issue.
  • Kirsty O'Keeffe wins national Indigenous award
    Tweed Shire Council trainee Kirsty O'Keeffe has been named as the Skilled Group National Indigenous Employee of the Year.
  • Water disputes in Qld and NSW
    Disputes over the future of water management have broken out in both Queensland and New South Wales.
  • SA fight for Federal road pledge
    The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA) is lobbying the Federal Government to continue a supplementary local road funding agreement and to better coordinate regional development plans.
  • Young Mayor for Frankston
    Frankston City Council has elected one of Victoria's youngest ever Mayors with 24 year old Councillor Kristopher Bolam. This follows his recent swearing in as a Justice of the Peace by the State Attorney General and he was already among the youngest to be appointed to that office.
  • Website launched to reduce impact of drugs
    A new national website designed to assist councils to address the impact of drugs and alcohol in their communities was launched by Hobart Lord Mayor Rob Valentine in April.
  • Renewable energy powers 1200 homes
    Around 1,200 homes in Queensland's Redland City Council are now being powered by renewable energy, generated by a local landfill.
  • Improved parks for Brimbank
    About nine kilometres of linked parklands along a river will be created through an ambitious scheme being undertaken by Brimbank City Council.
  • New City of Greater Geraldton to be formed
    After a recent plebiscite, the City of Geraldton Greenough and Shire of Mullewa will amalgamate to form a new City of Greater Geraldton.
  • NBN rollout - local involvement vital
    The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) aims to deliver fibre optic cabling to 93 per cent of Australian homes by 2020.
  • Editorial
    The recent announcement that seven towns in Tasmania will receive the next wave of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been met with a mixed reaction. Most are either small rural or regional towns, such as Deloraine, St Helens and Triabunna, or on the fringes of Hobart, such as Kingston Beach and Sorell.
  • President's comment
    In each edition we feature the views of a Local Government Association president. The following is from Councillor Bill McArthur President of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV).
  • Councils look to new ways to revitalise the arts
    Local Governments across Australia are examining new opportunities to build up the arts in their communities.
  • Youngsters to get on their bike
    Launceston City Council will ensure children are safer on local roads with its new Heritage Forest Beginner Bicycle Track and Invermay Bicycle Lending Program. Designed for those just starting to ride, the bicycle track is an 800 metre figure eight path that will provide many hours of entertainment and exercise for children and their parents.
  • City of Melville's track record on addressing alcohol abuse
    The Good Oil by Rod Brown*
    I am constantly amazed at the amount kids drink these days - a dozen schooners in a sitting is considered quite normal. Add to this the perils of mixing the drug ice and alcohol together, and no wonder we have mounting social and safety problems.
  • Category winners for the National Awards for Local Government announced
    The Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, Simon Crean, recently announced the category winners of the 2011 National Awards for Local Government.
  • Councillor Profiles
    Councillor Profiles is a regular feature. This month we feature a Councillor from the Northen Territoruy.

  • Recognising innovation
    Council has a number of awards winning programs including the following.
  • Major projects for the future
    A strong emphasis has been placed on the long term financial position of Council and a fiveyear Strategic Financial Plan was introduced in 2010/11 supported by a 10 year financial plan and an Asset Management Strategy.
  • Wipe Out Graffiti
    Residents and local volunteers have joined forces with Greater Shepparton City Council and Victoria Police to wipe out graffiti on public and private property in the municipality.
  • Inspiring Communiities - Buiding Commuities from the Inside Out
    Greater Shepparton City Council has been working closely with world-renowned community development pioneers, Jim Diers and Ted Smeaton to encourage staff to act as community development champions.
  • Living our values
    Greater Shepparton City Council is a values-driven organisation with a range of initiatives underway to encourage staff to live the values of leadership, integrity, respect, innovation and teamwork.
  • Service Excellence awards
    One of the many parts of this commitment to excellence was the introduction of years of service and service excellence awards for staff in 2010.
  • Mayor's message
    Greater Shepparton City Council's vision is "Greater Shepparton, Greater Future; as the Food Bowl of Australia a sustainable, innovative and diverse community."
  • Embracing and accepting diversity
    Greater Shepparton City Council is at the forefront of a new pilot program to combat racism and promote diversity.
  • Advocacy and Action
    While Greater Shepparton is well positioned to meet the challenges of the future, there are a number of key projects requiring support from other government spheres to help the region continue to grow and prosper.
  • Explore the possibilities
    Greater Shepparton is a thriving, vibrant and progressive region to live, work and invest - the possibilities are unlimited with the best of provincial and metropolitan lifestyles on offer.

Feature: Administration & Management Systems

  • Meeting the challenges that lie ahead
    As you read this, do you sometimes wonder how you and your colleagues are going to meet the challenges of the next year within Local Government?
  • Senior management team tackles its silos
    When Griffith City Council's senior management team sensed they were not meeting the high performance standards they had set for themselves, they called on external consultants to deliver positive change.
  • Parramatta prides itself on excellent service
    An extensive service review at Parramatta City Council has taken out one of the top gongs at the annual Local Government Management Association NSW Management Excellence Awards in 2010.
  • Best practice courses in conflict resolution
    ACDC, the training and professional development service of the Australian International Disputes Centre, has launched its 2011 program, offering a range of best practice courses to manage all types of conflict, complaints and grievances.
  • Parramatta introduces SMS service for requests
    In March, Parramatta City Council introduced a SMS text service for residents to submit their service requests to Council via text message.
  • Queensland councils deal with natural disasters
    Information Technology and data recovery systems at Local Governments stood up well during the recent floods and cyclone in Queensland. It was a time when disaster management plans were put to the test.
  • Capacity building at Knox
    As part of its Vision 2025, Knox City Council has been actively promoting staff training and development programs over the past few years.
  • Sharing their expertise at Brighton Council
    One of the smaller Local Governments among Tasmania's 29 municipalities, Brighton Council, has shown that size is no barrier to organisation excellence or entrepreneurial flair.
  • Leaders program at Camden
    A new leadership program at Camden Council aims to assist with succession planning, improve Council's ability to attract and retain employees and put in place strategies to deal with the challenges it is facing with rapid growth.
  • New resource to assist HR and change management
    A Human Resource and Change Management Plan to assist Local Governments address change management issues while undertaking reform was made available to Western Australian councils earlier this year.
  • Say goodbye to the paper trail
    The tide is turning in the way government organisations are accepting and distributing invoices.
  • Campbelltown offers trainees new frontiers
    For 25 years, Campbelltown City Council has been running its highly successful traineeship and apprenticeship program.
  • New approach to Local Government excellence in South Australia
    Described as one of the most far reaching initiatives in Local Government, the "Local Excellence - Councils working together for Communities" will create better services for all Local Governments in South Australia.
  • Future Directions in management systems
    From Paul Bennett, General Manager, Tamworth Regional Council, New South Wales.
  • Peer assessment a winner at Casey
    The City of Casey's two year old Peer Assessment Program is an innovation that strives to improve leadership behaviours.