March 2011 Edition

  • 2011 LGMA National Congress and Business Expo in Cairns
    As the level of government closest to the people, Local Government leaders face the greatest level of performance expectation by individual and collective communities than any other sphere of government.
  • Natural disaster challenges highlighted at COAG
    The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) held its 30th meeting in Canberra on 13 February 2011.
  • Changes afoot in SA
    Not only has South Australia recently welcomed a new Minister for Local Government Relations, but it is also gearing up for a new Local Government Association (LGASA) President.
  • Redland City councillors reject pay rise
    In southeast Queensland, Redland City councillors have voted to reject a 2.5 per cent pay rise recommended by the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal.
  • One Association for NSW councils
    The Shires Association of New South Wales recently met at a Special Conference and agreed to progress the formation of a single association to represent all Local Governments in New South Wales.
  • Augusta-Margaret River promoting women in leadership roles
    The program is a new initiative for the West Australian council, intent on increasing the representation of women in key decision making roles within the organisation.
  • Transformers - The UK Experience by Malcolm Morley*
    The press focus on the cuts in Government grants to councils in the UK often overlooks what has been achieved, and creates a perception that there is a lot of fat to be cut.
  • Lachlan Shire Young Parents Program wins national award
    Amy Johnson from Lachlan Shire in New South Wales has been recognised with a national award from the National Heart Foundation of Australia and the Australian Local Government Women's Association (ALGWA) for her contribution to improving heart health in her community.
  • Matchmaking service for gardeners
    In February, Landshare Australia launched a networking service that introduces people with spare land to others wanting to grow fruit and vegetables, but with nowhere to do it.
  • On the road to a safer Logan
    Logan City Council recently reaffirmed its commitment to reducing accidents on local roads.
  • Councils opt for low energy lighting solutions*
    Valen Light Technologies is a global manufacturer of high end LED lighting products for street and outdoor applications.
  • Engaging success: leading or following?
    In opening the 2011 Local Government Professionals Annual Conference in Melbourne, Victorian Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal Affairs Jeanette Powell said the conference was a timely opportunity for delegates to share their experiences following a series of natural disasters around Victoria.
  • New look Heart Foundation awards opening soon*
    The Heart Foundationís awards for Local Government take on a new look this year, with the Heart Foundation Healthy Community Awards opening soon.
  • Councillor Profiles
    Councillor Profiles is a regular feature. This month we feature two Councillors from the New South Wales.
  • Iconic Busselton jetty reopens in grand style
    The Shire of Busselton in the southwest of Western Australia was in the spotlight this summer, with the long awaited reopening of the refurbished Busselton Jetty on 6 February.
  • Be recognised for your hard work - Enter the 2011 National Awards for Local Government
    The National Awards for Local Government recognise, reward and promote the innovative work of Local Governments across Australia.
  • Sunrise Trade Network: an opportunity for local councils - The Good Oil by Rod Brown*
    Over the last year, US and Aussie members of our Cockatoo Network have developed a platform to link collaborative organisations and individuals around the world.
  • Online tools reinvigorate democracy
    Delivering the keynote address at the recent Local Government Professionals Annual Conference in Melbourne, Partner at the European Institute for Public Participation Simon Dalferth said that relationships with stakeholders are the core business of councils and that public participation is a way to reinvigorate democracy.
  • Editorial: Is Local Government representative?
    While a string of natural disasters has bought together communities across Australia and reflected well on Local Government, recent research by Victoriaís Local Government Professionals (LGPro) Emerging Leaders Program (see article page 8.) shows that there remains a major lack of understanding of operations of council and councillor roles.
  • President's comment
    In each edition we feature the views of a Local Government Association president. The following is from Councillor Troy Pickard, President of the Western Australian Local Government Association.

  • Hunter Councils delegation visit to Goroka, Papua New Guinea
    The Commonwealth Local Government Good Practice Scheme is designed to address capacity constraints and promote good governance at a Local Government level.
  • Hunter Councils Consultancy Services
    This is the newest business activity of Hunter Councils and comprises the provision of strategic consultancy services such as business planning, performance management, community engagement strategy, media strategy and training, general meeting facilitation and economic and tourism development initiatives.
  • Hunter Records Storage
    Hunter Records Storage is a unique and innovative example of Local Government cooperation.
  • Screen Hunter Central Coast
    The Hunter and Central Coast are home to some of the finest and most diverse cinematic locations Australia has to offer.
  • Environment Division
    The Hunter region's councils face increasing political imperatives, legislative obligations, planning system responsibilities, risk management concerns, ecosystem management priorities and community expectations in relation to a broad spectrum of environmental management issues.
  • Regional Procurement
    Regional Procurement® was formed in 2004 to assist Local Government achieve economies of scale benefits and reduced administration costs related to the tendering process.
  • Training Institute an undoubted success
    The Local Government Training Institute (LGTI) is one of the undoubted business success stories of the Hunter Councils group.
  • The Hunter Councils story - by Roger Stephan*
    In the 1990s, Local Government throughout Australia was in an era of profound change. In 1993, for example, a new Local Government Act was introduced in New South Wales that fundamentally changed the way councils operated.

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