January 2008 Edition

  • Central–Local concordat

    A groundbreaking agreement has been signed between the UK Government and the Local Government Association to establish a framework of principles for how Central and Local Government will work together to serve the public.
  • Productivity Commission draft report released
    A draft report from the Productivity Commission on Local Government’s revenue raising capacity was released last December.
  • Making connections
    People from all parts of Central Victoria recently gathered at a workshop in Mount Alexander Shire to explore ideas for increasing transport accessibility and mobility in the region.
  • Improving local sustainability
    Local Governments across Victoria are busy progressing environmental programs and strategies to improve local sustainability. Around $1.8 million of funding has been allocated to 16 local projects involving over 50 Councils and other stakeholders through the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord.
  • 2008 LG Asset Management and Public Works Engineering Conference
    Have you reserved 9–10 April 2008 in your diary to attend what will arguably be the most progressive and informative civil engineering conference staged in Victoria for more than a decade?
  • What are your assets doing tomorrow?*
    Maintaining an inventory of assets and their condition, defining optimal replacement strategies and meeting statutory reporting requirements are all objectives the Asset Manager must achieve.
  • Young Leader award for Council horticulturalist
    Whitehorse City Council’s Horticultural and Landscape Services Coordinator, Steve Day, has been named Victorian Young Leader for 2008 by the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA).
  • A green Christmas in Sydney
    For the first time ever, the City of Sydney celebrated last Christmas with green powered Christmas lights.
  • Two wheels are better than four
    It is certainly a case of two wheeled transport being better than a fuel guzzling Council car for Bertrand Cadart, the French expatriate Mayor of Glamorgan Spring Bay on Tasmania’s east coast.
  • Ingham revitalisation project sets precedent for Qld
    The ‘Our Town, Our Future’ strategy for Ingham was the most awarded revitalisation project in Queensland in 2007, after receiving a total of six State and international awards for its innovation in community planning, process and communication.
  • Douglas Shire Council leads the way
    With a population of just 11,000 people, fields of lush sugar cane and borders with the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree rainforest, Douglas Shire is one of the prettiest Shires in Australia.
  • Councillor conduct reforms to improve governance
    The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has welcomed the release of a discussion paper by the Minister for Local Government, Richard Wynne, detailing a range of proposed reforms to support Councillor conduct and strengthen local governance.
  • Interactive program educates young people on the environment
    With the issue of protecting the natural environment at the forefront of concern for Federal, State and Local Governments alike, Kogarah Council in New South Wales has instigated a new efficient and effective way of doing business.
  • Bridgetown-Greenbushes wins road safety award 
    Western Australia’s Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes recently received the Local Government Road Safety Award at the third International Road Safety Conference staged in Perth. With this year’s event hosted by Western Australia’s Road Safety Council, the conference aims to reduce human and financial losses from road crashes.
  • Regional investment hubs in NSW

    Back in November, we began describing hubs that could comprise a pan-Australia development framework to spark local and foreign investment. First cab was Queensland, with 12 hubs. Second up is New South Wales, which is fascinating because of its population, resource base, international recognition and the reticence of the NSW Government to chase investments.
  • Barossa Council invests in local youth
    Located 60 kilometres north east of Adelaide, Barossa Council is investing heavily in its youth.
  • Showcasing FOCUS winners
    At the 2007 National General Assembly in Darwin, Local Government FOCUS invited delegates to showcase their Council’s achievements by entering our competition to win a full page feature for their Council in 2008.
  • Editorial: the year ahead
    A change of guard at the Federal level, the release of the Productivity Commission’s draft report — Assessing Local Government Revenue Raising Capacity — with a final report due in a few months, and increasing national and international attention to combating climate change present a raft of challenges and opportunities for Local Government as we enter 2008.
  • Record crowds expected for environmental gathering
    Australia’s leading environment and sustainability conference, Enviro 08, is expecting record crowds this year. To take place in Melbourne from 5 to 7 May, the conference theme is ‘Facing the Challenge’.
  • Hold tightly to your seats – 2008 will be an exciting year
    Australian Local Government Association President, Councillor Paul Bell, outlines what’s in store for Local Government in 2008.


  • Charles Sturt Community Centres create independent and skilled communities
    By allowing local people to drive service provision in community centres, the City of Charles Sturt has engaged and empowered new residents to settle in Australia and gain valuable skills for the benefit of the wider community.
  • Learning from each other – Local Government networks
    A number of Councils in the Perth region have joined forces to discuss community services issues and grow their lists of contacts.
  • Community harmony in Ashfield
    As part of the research undertaken in Phase One of the Community Harmony Project, Dr Amanda Wise and the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion undertook a pilot project with Ashfield Municipal Council in New South Wales
  • StepOne to shed light on LAMP program
    The Local Area Multicultural Partnership (LAMP) Program is promoting access, participation and cohesion in Queensland’s culturally diverse society. Established in 1998, the project is a partnership between State and Local Government and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ).
  • Community Harmony at your fingertips
    On March 28, Macquarie University and the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship Partnerships Program will launch StepOne – an online Community Harmony Guide that will assist Councils and community groups to implement community harmony initiatives in their local areas.
  • Some guiding principles
    Building harmony and community cohesion is not just about ‘CALD communities’. Too many ‘harmony’ projects forget to include Anglo Celtic Australians. Don’t just include the ‘converted’. Try to engage those less comfortable with difference.