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23-25 Feb 2021

LG Professionals Victoria Annual Conference Virtual Event

Online  Online

After a global pandemic changed the world forever, our conference theme is about embracing a refreshed future and moving on.

The virtual format, for the first time, will allow delegates to access the complete program.  This means you can review and watch back at your leisure – with over 20 hours of content available at no extra cost! 

Register now at lgpro.com

Friday 19 March 2021 

LG Professionals SA Annual State Conference - Trust & Collaboration: unlocking results


Adelaide Entertainment Centre


The conference program will look at trust through the lens of ourselves, our teams and our communities, as well as exploring the vital role trust plays in successful collaborations.  With increasing pressure to deliver efficiencies and work smarter, we cannot deliver results without these two essential ingredients—leaving us feeling positive, uplifted and inspired.

Further information & registration at: lgprofessionalssa.org.au/Annual-State-Conference