About Local Government Focus

Local Government FOCUS is a free, independent newspaper that highlights the key issues facing Local Government and promotes best practice among Councils across Australia. FOCUS aims to help Councils stretch their dollars further by sharing successes and good ideas not only within a region,Territory or State but across the Nation.

Local Government FOCUS was first published in Victoria in 1985. In 1989 circulation was extended to cover New South Wales and in February 1996 national circulation commenced.

Local Government FOCUS is published by LG FOCUS (AUS) Pty. Ltd.

Current Local Government Focus Editions

Eighteen copies are sent to some 537 Councils throughout Australia for distribution to the decision makers in Local Government, elected members and senior officers. (Total circulation 10,300 per month).

Our reader surveys have consistently found that over 90% of respondents rate the publication as 'Good', 'Very Good' or 'Excellent'.