Spring cleaning Coen

Article image - Spring cleaning Coen Council staff muck in to paint the airport lounge at Cohen aerodrome, seven hours drive from Cooktown.

The streets and facilities at Coen, in Queensland’s far north, have a new lease on life after Cook Shire Council’s first community blitz program swept through the town.

The community improvement program resulted in more than 40 abandoned vehicles being removed and repairs, re-painting and cleaning of community buildings. 

Chief Executive Officer, Linda Cardew, said, “There was a real sense of community during the project. 

“We had overwhelming support from the community and our Council team was brilliant. 

“Coen is the second biggest community in our Shire, and although it’s so far away from our main service centre in Cooktown, Council is committed to ensuring our communities receive the level of services they expect.”

The program also included a Cleaner Brighter Healthier Community competition at the Coen school, with gardening tools and plants donated by Council and the Cooktown community as prizes. 

“It was wonderful having the involvement of the school, and the whole community. 

“We consulted with the residents and traditional owners before and during the Blitz, and had the full support of ministerial champion, Minister Cameron Dick, and government champion, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Katerina Carroll, which Council was very grateful for.”

More than 20 Council staff took part in the clean-up, including Ms Cardew and Community, Economy and Innovation Director Lawrence Booth. 

Other works completed included civil and drainage repairs, significant improvements at the Coen Landfill, street numbering to improve emergency services identification, a clean up at Port Stewart and repairs and re-painting at the Coen Aerodrome, Town Hall and public toilets. 

Council is planning to roll out the Community Blitz program to other communities around the Shire as needed.