First smoke free CBD in Tasmania

Article image - First smoke free CBD in Tasmania

Central Coast Council, Tasmania, made history last month when it introduced a ban on smoking in the principal shopping strip.A Tasmanian first, Ulverstone follows Glen Innes, New South Wales, as only the second smoke-free shopping precinct in Australia.

The ground-breaking initiative makes visiting the Ulverstone central business district (CBD) a much healthier and sweeter smelling experience for retail staff as well as shoppers and tourists.

Central Coast Mayor, Jan Bonde, said the smoke-free zoning had wide support.

“Councillors voted unanimously to bring in the smoke free designation following extensive consultation, particularly with shop owners and staff who have had to endure passive smoking for too long.

“They were quick to embrace the concept as this is simply about making the place we love to call home a better place to live.”
Cancer Council of Tasmania was on hand to support the launch event.

Quit Tasmania Director, Abby Smith, said, “We commend the Central Coast Council for making the Ulverstone CBD the very first Tasmania CBD to go smoke-free.

“Smoke free areas are an important component of a comprehensive tobacco control strategy.

“They will protect our community from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke, continue to denormalise smoking, and support Tasmanians who are trying to quit.”