Town Beach project underway

Article image - Town Beach project underway New look Town Beach will attract Broom residents and tourists.

Town Beach, Shire of Broom, Western Australia, is a significant location for locals and visitors, with an important role in recreation, culture and heritage.

The Town Beach Project is a range of sub-projects that will enhance the area for community and visitors.

Shire President, Harold Tracey, said, “Viewing the Staircase to the Moon draws thousands of visitors each year, the children’s water park and playground are very popular, night markets attract big crowds, and we have the heritage and history of Indigenous culture, the Pioneer Cemetery, old jetty site, Catalina Flying Boat wrecks and the Broome Museum.

“The Town Beach Project is building on all these existing strengths and attractions with a range of sub-projects to enhance the experience for everybody and is part of Council’s vision to link Town Beach to Chinatown through the Jetty to Jetty coastal walk.”

Construction of a rock seawall is the first sub-project that will address the environmental and safety threat from the eroding pindan cliffs at Town Beach.

The State Government Royalties for Regions and Council are funding the $4.5 million project, with work being undertaken by local firm Roadline in a welcome boost for Broome’s economy.

Construction will take about four months using 12,000 tonnes of Kimberley quartzite rock, and include grassed terraces for viewing the Staircase to the Moon, a coastal walkway, and stairs for beach and fishing access.

In a separate but concurrent project Broom’s Chinatown streetscape upgrades are underway as the Chinatown Revitalisation Project enters its next stage.

The $6.9 million upgrades, again co-funded by the State Government and Council, include improved shade during the day, lighting at night, alfresco meeting places, street furniture, trees and green space plantings, and traffic calming measures.