‘There is fun to be done’

Article image - ‘There is fun to be done’ Locals play on an interactive sculpture based on snakes and ladders.

When people think of Bayside, Victoria, the iconic Brighton bathing boxes immediately come to mind. 

Now there is a myriad of new playgrounds in the municipality that will appeal to young and old.

Over the past three years, Bayside City Council has upgraded 22 playgrounds at a cost of $2.4 million as part of its commitment to upgrade every playground across the region by 2025.

One of the new playgrounds capturing the imagination of the youngest residents in Dendy Park South, features an interactive sculpture based on the traditional Snakes and Ladders game.

Because of its bright colours, young playground users have labelled it the ‘Dr Seuss’ playground.

The Bayside Ripple sculpture by Melbourne artist Carla Gottgens uses motifs and symbols from local history to mark each space around the playing board.

The game features a copperhead snake, black crow feathers and a symbol of Waa (protector of waterways of the Boonwurrung people).
Carla said interactivity, local history and environment were key drivers for the sculpture.

“The Bayside Ripple encourages play and learning about local history and nature.

“It was inspired by Bayside’s connection to water. When viewed from above, it resembles a water ripple.”