Solar battery makes good sense

Article image - Solar battery makes good sense The battery makes solar energy available after sunset .

A 35kw solar system was recently installed by Bathurst Regional Council, New South Wales, at the Visitor Information Centre (BVIC) and is the first Council facility to have a solar system which includes a battery storage system.

The battery will store some of the electricity generated during the day for use during afternoon and night time periods. 

The aim of the project is that the facility will have zero net import of electricity from the grid over a twelve-month period. 

The new system was installed as an addition to the existing 6kw system at BVIC which was installed in previous years.

Mayor, Graeme Hanger OAM, said the additional system will further reduce the impact on the environment as well as decrease the cost of electricity for the facility by approximately $12,000 per annum based on current electricity rates.

“The lighting at BVIC has also been upgraded to LED, which will enhance efficiency of energy consumption.”

Since 2009, Council has invested in solar energy by installing systems across twelve facilities including the Water Filtration Plant and the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The project will bring the total installed capacity of solar generation at Council facilities to 340kW across the twelve sites saving approximately 530 megawatts of grid drawn power each year.