Road to savings

Article image - Road to savings Recycling road materials makes sense and savings for Liverpool City.

Liverpool City Council, New South Wales, will save more than $800,000 by building a major new road with recycled road materials.

More than 20,000 tonnes of old road base and asphalt will be used for the Bernera Road extension in Edmondson Park.

Council will save on costs by recycling the material for the extension instead of spending $366,000 to purchase newly quarried material.

Council will save a further $452,000 in disposal costs by reusing the old road material gathered from different streets within the Liverpool area and not having it sent to a landfill.

Chief Executive Officer, Kiersten Fishburn, said Council will make a positive contribution in reducing its environment footprint by an ongoing commitment to recycling roads.

“Council is delivering a renewed focus on sustainability, aiming to reduce the total waste that is being produced for future projects.

“The use of recycled material provides a time and cost effective alternative in the redevelopment of roads by having the material ready. It reduces the duration and lead time of projects compared to if the material were not recycled.

“We believe that it is important to retain a strong focus on continuing to build towards a more sustainable future.”