Pillowcase project

Article image - Pillowcase project Students from St Peters Catholic School kick off the Pillowcase Project for the district.

An educational program designed to better prepare Queensland’s Hinchinbrook primary school students for natural disasters began with St Peters Catholic School, Halifax, the first school to participate in the Pillowcase Project.

Inspired by events following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Pillowcase Project is led by the Red Cross and delivered in collaboration with Hinchinbrook Shire Council.

Mayor, Ramon Jayo, said, ‘It is essential that children and families know how to deal with an emergency, practically and psychologically.

“Being prepared can help reduce feelings of stress in households and build a culture of resilience in the community generally.”

The engaging workshops target primary school aged children, who are given a pillowcase to decorate and store their own emergency kit.

“Children are shown what to pack and are taught the difference between items they want and need, discussion around the thoughts and feelings that may arise before, during and after an emergency are discussed and the importance of staying calm is reinforced.

“Children are positive agents for change at home and in the community and there will undoubtedly be positive flow-on effects from this project.”

The Pillowcase Project is funded by Energy Queensland’s Community Fund and will be delivered to 326 students at 11 schools across the district.