Events help senior community prosper

Article image - Events help senior community prosper Celebrating age in Seniors Week with the annual river cruise.

Town of Claremont, Western Australia, with over 35 percent of the community aged over 55, has an annual program of events for seniors to aid active ageing, mental wellbeing and social interaction.

Mayor, Jock Barker, said the Town celebrated the annual Seniors Week, as well as a monthly History in a Coffee Cup program to provide an opportunity for elderly citizens for engagement and social connection.

“Seniors make a valuable contribution to our community and we believe it is important there are opportunities to celebrate later life.”  
This month, the Town will celebrate Seniors Week with an action-packed calendar of events including yoga, health workshops, walking groups and golfing as well as the popular Twilight River Cruise.

“The range of events on offer means there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“It is a great opportunity for our senior community to get involved and try something new.”

The Town’s collaborative project between the Library and Museum, the monthly History in a Coffee Cup, provides an opportunity throughout the year for social engagement as well as learning more about history of the Town.

“Reducing the stigma of ageism in an ageing nation, and combating a lack of age-appropriate programs was a driver for the Town to commence the History in a Coffee Cup Program,” Mayor Barker said.
The program has improved the profile of senior citizens within the business community allowing them to feel more confident getting out and about and visiting the town centre at other times.