Designed to lower cost of living

Article image - Designed to lower cost of living Research on residential subdivisions will lead to living smarter and cheaper.

Rural City of Wangaratta is one of eight regional councils to prepare a research paper on environmentally sustainable design for residential subdivisions in regional Victoria.

Council’s Director Development Services, Barry Green, says the actions outlined in the paper will help to deliver environmental and financial benefits for residents living in new subdivisions.

Environmentally sustainable design for residential subdivisions and individual houses can reduce ongoing costs of living, enhance community wellbeing and improve environmental sustainability.

“There are a number of improvements that could be made at a relatively low cost such as considering solar orientation for new lots, increasing shading, and improving stormwater drainage and reuse.

“Optimal dwelling orientation for passive solar gain can save households in Wangaratta approximately $460 per year in electricity costs.”

Council is seeking community input to develop an implementation program.