CouncilWise – ‘Now that’s different’*

A Tasmanian Council has developed a fully cloud based total software solution for local government and is now directly competing against other software suppliers.

It offers fast implementation, 99.5 percent uptime SLA, free upgrades forever, Microsoft Office 365 based and guaranteed legislative compliance in all Australian jurisdictions.

The locally developed software now promises to simplify council tendering processes and is already bringing significant cost savings and new administration efficiencies to councils across Australia and Fiji.

CouncilWise is a local government management platform developed by local government expert staff in partnership with tech giant Microsoft, comprising a complete range of features to make running a local government authority effortless and affordable.

Importantly, it removes the necessity for detailed information technology tendering processes.  

CouncilWise chief executive and Tasmania’s Brighton Council’s general manager Ron Sanderson says the risk associated with software capital purchase is gone and the system removes the need for voluminous detail from councils’ current information technology tendering requirements.

“After all, when you’re purchasing a road grader you don’t have to ask if the blade goes up and down, so why do councils have to specify a mass of detail to buy computer software and hardware to run their businesses?”

Some recent tender specifications had more than 3,000 questions.
CouncilWise has developed a generic Request for Information (RFI) document that has significantly reduced the complexity and number of questions.  

This is freely available to Australian councils seeking new or replacement business systems.

CouncilWise, is cloud-based, avoiding costly servers and other hardware and the unique software covers finances, property and rates, assets, records, email, network fileshare, citizen engagement and more.

Best of all, councils only pay per user, per role, per month, and only pay for what they need; no fixed contracts tying you to out dated systems.

“Councils can get off the capital expenditure ‘treadmill’ as they won’t need servers, they will avoid spending on centralised hardware, maintenance and security, and the software is affordable.

“There are no more updates and patches as the platform manages this for free.”

Contact CouncilWise at 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach Tasmania 7017.
Email: info[@], Telephone: (03) 6268 7033

*Copy supplied by CouncilWise