Connecting the city and the sea

Article image - Connecting the city and the sea Stage One of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation. Picture courtesy City of Rockingham.

Stage one of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation has begun.
City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels, said the project which comprises three key areas: Railway Terrace, the Beach Plaza and The Boardwalk, would breathe new life into the area.

“The Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation will change the face of the foreshore precinct as we know it.

“It will also enable local businesses to capitalise on the unique features of this iconic location and leverage its increasing popularity into even greater success.”

On Railway Terrace parking will be modified to improve safety, with a new streetscape, artwork and trees all going in.

The changes will create more opportunities for alfresco dining and allow for an improved pedestrian experience.   

The Railway Terrace horseshoe carpark will be transformed into the Beach Plaza - an exciting pedestrian and events space connecting the City and the sea.

The Beach Plaza will become a focal point for major events and celebrations and will be a place for people to be active, explore or relax.   

Meanwhile, The Boardwalk will be expanded and modified to allow for more alfresco dining, better movement of pedestrians and to provide a better connection to the Foreshore’s unique north facing beach.

Despite the works, Mayor Sammels said it would be business as usual at the Foreshore.  

Stage one is expected to be completed by September 2019.