Naracoorte Caves stories

Article image - Naracoorte Caves stories Local children’s artwork depicting stories of the Naracoorte Caves history.

Naracoorte Lucindale Council has devised an innovative way to promote South Australia’s only World Heritage site, the Naracoorte Caves.

During 2017-2018 Council undertook an ambitious project to tell the science-related story of this unique fossil site using visual and performing art.  

The project commenced with four free visual arts science story telling workshops attended by 80 primary school aged children.  
During the workshops children depicted stories of the Naracoorte Caves focusing on Mega-fauna, Fossils, Environment and Extinction.  

The stories gathered from the artwork were used by Michael Mills from Heaps Good Productions to create a live performance.

The art works were displayed at the Naracoorte Regional Art Gallery during August and September with 120 caves and art enthusiasts attending the exhibition opening.

The third and final stage of the project was the live performance “Footsteps Around the Campfire” held at the Naracoorte Town Hall in April.

The performance, involving 21 local performers, was developed using information obtained and interpreted from the children’s artwork, input from Naracoorte High School drama students and community consultation.  

This project has reminded the wider community of the Naracoorte Caves story and reconnected the community with the importance of the fossils, science and stories of the World Heritage listed site.
The project was funded by Inspiring South Australia’s, 2017 South Australian Regional Science-Arts Collaboration and the Naracoorte Lucindale Council.