Little Black Book

Article image - Little Black Book Events and Recreation Portfolio Councillor, Deputy Mayor Darren Everard and the Fraser Coast Mates launching a new community health resource.

Every man, no matter their age, should have a Little Black Book: a guide to men’s health services on Queensland’s Fraser Coast.

Fraser Coast Council has teamed up with community group Fraser Coast Mates to produce the guide, which has contacts for the region’s health and fitness services.

Events and Recreation Portfolio Councillor, Darren Everard, said, “We noticed there was a gap in the services available so our Community Development team have stepped in to help the Mates compile, publish and distribute the book.

President of Fraser Coast Mates, Darren Bosley, said, “The book is the result of a group of mates coming together in a time of need.

“The suicide of a common friend within the business community affected many of us and we want to make sure others do not go through the same trauma.

“While we all wanted to help, we didn’t really know where to go to get help; there was no one place to get all the information on all of the services that were available.

“Because men are not good about talking about their feelings and seeking medical help, we decided to put together the Little Black Book to bring together all of the information on the services that are available across the Fraser Coast.”

“We wanted to provide contacts for a range of services from health providers to fitness groups and groups of blokes who get together to have fun in the guise of fitness.

“Some men may not need professional help and are just looking for mates; someone to talk to, mates to do things with rather than just sitting on the couch and staring at the walls.

“Helping each other, looking out for each other is one of the many features which makes the Fraser Coast such a family-friendly and sharing community.”