Late night trading in Chinatown

Article image - Late night trading  in Chinatown

Chinatown has come alive in the Shire of Broom, Western Australia (WA), as late night trading continues each month until August with food, shopping, free children’s and street entertainment, live music and other attractions until 8pm.

Broome Shire President, Harold Tracey, said there was a growing sense of optimism in Broome and the potential for late night trading in Chinatown was exciting.

With international flights from Singapore to Broome commencing in May, initiatives such as keeping Chinatown open late on Friday night were part of becoming an exciting and vibrant destination, Cr Tracey said.

“We encourage all the retailers and operators to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase Broome and to ensure we capture this market.

“To help achieve this the Revitalisation Project is working in partnership with Chinatown’s traders to create some atmosphere and excitement to draw people into our town centre after hours, to make the most of the great weather and provide a welcome boost for our local economy.”

Late night trading events are being coordinated by the Chinatown Revitalisation Project through the Chinatown Investment and Development Coordinator which is one of the 10 sub-projects that comprise the overall Revitalisation Project.

Late night trading was trialled in 2017. Favourite aspects of the events were the atmosphere on the street, the selection of food, and the evening weather being ideal for getting out and about in Chinatown.

The State Government has allocated $10 million to deliver transformational projects reinforcing Chinatown as the cultural, historical and commercial centre of Broome, the Shire of Broome has committed $2 million to the project with Tourism WA committing a further $700,000.