Delegates meet with Ministers

Article image - Delegates meet  with Ministers Maranoa councillors make the most of the trip to Canberra, bringing local issues to the attention of Deputy PM Minister Michael McCormack.

Maranoa Regional Council capitalised on their visit to Canberra last month supplementing attendance at the National General Assembly of Local Government, by meeting with ministers, senators and senior advisors.

Councillors Janelle Stanford, Cameron O’Neil and Peter Flynn held a series of delegations with ministers, senators and senior advisors raising a number of issues and promoting the Maranoa region.
Cr O’Neil said the assembly is incredibly important to attend to learn, network and discuss issues that affect communities across the nation.

“As it was the final general assembly before the next federal election, it was a real opportunity for collective councils and individual councils to raise important issues, projects and local initiatives to Ministers and government members.

“We tabled a discussion paper on federal assistance grants and the need for a significant increase in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, highlighting how Maranoa Regional Council’s annual net general rates have previously been around $20 million and we budget to spend in excess of $22 million on roads alone.”

Councillors had the opportunity to meet and talk to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport Michael McCormack, Local Government and Regional Development Minister John McVeigh and member for Maranoa David Littleproud.

Issues raised included funding for kindergartens, rural roads and poor telecommunications in Surat.

The Deputy Prime Minister gave the Councillors a good hearing and strongly encouraged them to continue advocating for additional federal assistance grants.