Cultural diversity crown winner

Article image - Cultural diversity crown winner Australia Day celebrations reflect the cultural diversity of the community

City of Greater Dandenong, on the southeast edge of Melbourne is now Australia’s most culturally diverse community.

The latest Census figures reveal the level of diversity in Greater Dandenong is the highest in the country – closely followed by Sydney’s inner west city of Strathfield.

Greater Dandenong has long held claim to being the most culturally diverse city in Victoria but this is the first time in the city’s history it has ranked number one nationally.

Greater Dandenong Mayor, Youhorn Chea, said the probability of two of the City’s people coming from different birthplaces is 78 per cent.
“The latest census data shows the City of Greater Dandenong has residents from 157 different birthplaces and more than half of our residents are born overseas.

“More than four in five residents in Greater Dandenong have at least one overseas born parent.”

The latest Census data also revealed the following interesting facts about the City of Greater Dandenong:

  • In 2016 more than 70 per cent of residents spoke a language other than English – the largest in Victoria and more than double the metropolitan average of 31 per cent.
  • The top birthplace countries recorded in Greater Dandenong are Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, New Zealand and Great Britain.
  • Widely spoken languages in Greater Dandenong include Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese, Greek, Punjabi and Sinhalese.
  • There are almost 2,000 asylum seekers in Greater Dandenong – the highest of any Victorian Municipality.

In Victoria the most diverse municipalities after Greater Dandenong are Melbourne, Monash, Brimbank and Wyndham.