Council jobs not all alike

Article image - Council jobs not all alike Dillon Brennan learns snake handling techniques.

West Arnhem Regional Council workers have joined Kakadu Rangers in completing their annual snake catch training at Kakadu Park Headquarters.

Other service providers in the region also participated. Alice Springs Reptile Centre sent their number one snake wrangler from Darwin, Chris Peberdy, to conduct the training, which consisted of several elements including snake identification, first aid and snake catch technique.

Forty captive snakes of varying species including Olive Pythons, Western Browns and King Browns, were flown up from Alice Springs as part of the training.

Interestingly, each snake can only be used once during a catch session or they end up going straight into the bag all by themselves – somewhat defeating the purpose of the exercise.
With everyone completing the training safely and successfully, there are now 20 more qualified snake catchers in Kakadu with the skills to assist the community.