From the ashes

The Shire of Northampton in Western Australia is celebrating the rejuvenation of a local park after a fire a few years ago.

In April 2015 a devastating fire occurred at a local farm merchandise business, which destroyed the business premises as well as popular park known as the Lions Park.

The fire resulted in thousands of litres of chemicals spilling into the park as well as a chemical fire.

Over the years the Council has removed the contaminated soil and plants and through a volunteer committee and the Northampton Lions Club started planning to redevelop the park.

Before the fire the park was a very popular stop for many persons travelling through the town and was also well used by the local residents, so the theme of that use had to be maintained.

The result is a large lawn playing area, shelters with barbeques a nature-based playground and in time when the trees grow, again a shady park for all to enjoy.

The Lions Park rejuvenation was made possible through funding from the Shire of Northampton Lotterywest, Royalties for Regions, Northampton Lions Club and the many volunteers who assisted in the park construction.

The park is a very friendly picturesque spot for all to enjoy and thankfully from the ashes is born a new area for the town of Northampton.