Solutions for Smart Cities*

Around the world, governments are sponsoring “Smart City” initiatives to increase safety and improve city services.

These programs are prioritizing the technologies that are proven to measurably improve the quality of life, increase efficiency and reduce cost to the community. These initiatives are not limited to large urban areas. In fact, some of the most dramatic achievements have been made in smaller communities where applications are deployed in “greenfield” environments. Smart cities invest in technologies that enable collaboration. Communities can share sensor data, and leverage a common IP-based communications infrastructure.

Wireless broadband provides the high-speed connectivity needed, and provides a proven solution that can be deployed at a fraction of the cost and time of fibre or wired connectivity.

Smart cities will rely on consolidated information systems, and hence effective, reliable, secure and high-speed communication networks will form the foundation. Cambium Networks, fixed wireless, Wi-Fi and industrial internet solutions integrate voice, video, email, and web traffic alongside supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data from remote terminal units (RTU), sensors and control points on a single all-IP network featuring centralised, cloud-based, end to end administration.

Proven Solutions

  • Wide-Area Narrowband connectivity for SCADA process control and monitoring including: Wide-area process control and monitoring of IIoT critical infrastructure.
  • Wide-Area Point-to-Multipoint for Video Surveillance and Backhaul
  • Video Surveillance for physical security
  • SCADA master aggregation and backhaul
  • High Capacity licensed microwave
  • Long Range Point-to-Point Wireless Backhaul
  • Licensed Microwave and Unlicensed Backhaul
  • Ruggedized WiFi Access for Remote Field Operations
  • Outdoor hotspot and WiFi networks
  • Single Pane of Glass Network Management

A highlight of cambium Networks solutions for Smart Cities is the family of E500 outdoor access points.  Cambium Networks is fast establishing itself as a leader in this space with the leading price performance in the industry, FREE Cloud Base management and control and friction free on-boarding. Solutions around the world include Wi-Fi on base Everest Base Camp, Public Wi-Fi and CCTV in Tokoroa NZ, Public Wi-Fi in Wingalina, Western Australia and in Numea’ New Caledonia.

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*Copy supplied by Cambium Networks