Protecting animal control officers

The Northern Midlands Council is the first council in Tasmania to purchase and install a new unit that protects workers from dog bites and injury.

The K9 Kube is an electronic and hydraulic unit with two separate side-by-side enclosures that can be automatically elevated and lowered.

The technology was developed to reduce the risk of dog bites and musculoskeletal injury to Animal Control Officers.

The enclosures lower to the ground from the back of the Animal Control vehicle, allowing animals to be loaded from the ground, rather than lifted onto the back of the vehicle.

“Council is excited to be leading the way with this new Australian technology, reducing the risk of injury to Animal Control Officers when seizing animals at large”, said Northern Midlands Mayor, David Downie.

The K9 Kube unit allows Animal Control officers to keep their physical contact with seized animals to a minimum, which directly reduces any potential risks or hazards involved.

“This also protects the animals by limiting any potential injuries or stress that could occur during the capture or release of an animal, giving Animal Control Officers peace of mind and a guaranteed safe working environment.

“By being able to easily and safely hoist and lower the unit there is also a reduction in cleaning and maintenance requirements, through ease of access to the unit.”

The K9 Kube is not just limited to canines as the name suggests, it also provides Animal Control Officers the ability to move other animals of a similar size.