Engaging through digital stories

Article image - Engaging through digital stories A Pod in the library

In a first for libraries in the Northern Territory, Storytime Pods arrived at the City of Palmerston Library in September and have become a hit with the local community.

The Storytime Pod is the world’s first story-telling machine for kids.
The purpose of the Storytime Pod is to engage with parents and children and provide a contemporary reading experience.

The device holds hundreds of short, fun, digital books for kids, in a variety of different languages.

“The City of Palmerston Library is focused on facilitating reading and lifelong learning within the community and introducing new methods of learning is a great step in that direction,” said Official Manager Mark Blackburn.

“The Pods have received some great feedback from our Library users – even reluctant readers want a turn! Perfect for children aged 2-9+, we even found some of our teen Library visitors giving them a go.”
The City of Palmerston Library is the first library in the NT to offer digital learning though Storytime Pods, and is thrilled to be leading the NT public library sector in this exciting and innovative initiative.

“One of our Pods is currently ranked fourth nationally for performance by the distributor within the Public Library Sector, delivering 303 stories per week to children so far,” said Mr Blackburn.