Sowing seeds

Article image - Sowing seeds Councillors Cathy Zeiger and Linda Cooper get their hands dirty at the Seed Swap launch.

Libraries in Cairns are swapping books for seeds in a new program to encourage an interest in gardening and growing fresh food.

The Seed Library program was launched in August and will involve monthly get-togethers.

“Our libraries are already about so much more than just books,” Community Services Committee Chair Councillor Cathy Zeiger said.
“They are about learning, sharing and building community.

“The monthly Seed Swap is a great opportunity for residents to get started in gardening; or share their knowledge with others if they are more experienced green thumbs.”

Small packets of seeds will be available free of charge to take home and grow.

The Cairns Libraries seed collection already includes basil, beans, capsicum, coriander, cucumber, lettuce, mustard, rockmelon, tomato and watermelon.

“The idea is that people will plant seeds provided by the library and, as their gardens grow and produce more seeds, they will be able to donate some back to the library,” Cr Zeiger said.

There is a growing interest in home food production as a healthy and environmentally sustainable option, so we hope residents will take up the chance to start or to expand their own food garden.

“If you need a bit more information, we have books, magazines and DVDs on gardening that you can borrow as a Cairns Libraries member.”