Community spirit high on the agenda

The Shire of Dowerin in regional Western Australia has commenced a major review of its Strategic Community Plan, undertaken in close consultation with the local community.

Dowerin is a thriving Wheatbelt community, a scenic drive two hours northeast of Perth.  

Chief Executive Officer Andrea Selvey said the community is well known for its proactive, can-do attitude and also for hosting the annual GWN7 Machinery Field Day event – which attracts over 20,000 people across two days.  

Council committed to involving the community in the review of its Strategic Community Plan to ensure the plan reflects community priorities.  

The first workshop attracted over 10 per cent of the community and provided rich ideas and content for the new Plan.  

Throughout the workshop, the aspects residents cited as reasons they love Dowerin included community spirit, participation and volunteering.  

Participants also wanted growth and wanted to attract more young people and families to the community.  

The second workshop, to be held in a few weeks, will prioritise the services that will help Council achieve its vision.