Keeping shared-paths safe

Article image - Keeping shared-paths safe Deputy Mayor, Cr John Mortimore, and Ward Councillor, Jake Keogh, with Jim Chrysis from VicRoads and Knox Environment Society (KES) members.

Knox City Council in eastern Melbourne has unveiled a new shared-path safety campaign to protect both cyclists and pedestrians.

The new static road safety signage ‘promo bikes’ aim to alert cyclists to a Victorian road rule obliging them to give way to pedestrians on shared paths.

Deputy Mayor and cycling enthusiast Councillor John Mortimore said Council was pleased to partner with VicRoads in rolling out the shared path safety campaign across Knox.

“As part of the campaign, Council has been provided with two ‘promo bikes’, one of which is located on a shared path at the Knox Environment Society in Ferntree Gully, while the other sign will be relocated at multiple locations across the city.

“You can’t miss these colourful ‘promo bikes’, which are helping to boost road rules awareness and encourage safe and respectful behaviour on our shared-path network,” the Deputy Mayor said.

“The bikes, along with a range of striking pavement signs we’re installing at the entrance to underpasses along our network, will help raise awareness that everyone, including cyclists and pedestrians, has a role to play in ensuring the enjoyment and responsible use of our shared-paths.

“We need everyone to understand that ‘shared-paths’ means just that, and these signs will help reinforce this important message.”

Victorian Road Rules state that cyclists on shared-paths must give way to all pedestrians, including people using wheelchairs, mobility scooters and wheeled recreational devices.

Riders must also keep to the left hand side of paths unless impractical, whereas pedestrians are encouraged to keep left so cyclists can pass safely.

A number of new road rules were introduced  across Victoria from 1 July this year.