New head for LG Professionals

The Chief Executive Officer of City of Palmerston in the Northern Territory, Mr Ricki Bruhn, has been formally inducted as the 2017-2018 LG Professionals Australia National President.

Mr Bruhn is the first representative from the Northern Territory to take on the role and has outlined a plan focusing on digital innovation.

The handover ceremony took place at the National Congress Gala Dinner held in Hobart on 24 May.

“At a time when trust in all levels of government is being eroded, this is an opportunity for local government to step up,” Mr Bruhn said.
“Only local government is in the position to listen and respond to the unique needs of communities.

“Innovation is the key to achieving this, especially in a time of tight budgets and rapid changes in technology.

“The National Board will focus on digital innovation – working closely with the private sector and all levels of government to provide leadership and a way forward for local councils.  

“We will also take this opportunity to increase engagement with our international partners to provide good governance assistance to developing countries and to ensure Australian local government is informed by international best practice and learnings.

“We believe an active, collegiate and productive relationship with all our stakeholders is the only way to effectively support our members and this will be a key part of our approach to achieving this.

“We are in an excellent place to do this, thanks to outgoing National President Andrew Wardlaw, who introduced many initiatives during his term that will serve as the foundation for future programs.”

Mt Bruhn began his local government career in South Australia with the District Council of Central Yorke Peninsula in 1981. He has been LG Professionals NT President since 2012 and has served on the LG Professionals Australia National Board since 2011.