Burning right tonight

The ACT Government has called on residents to remain wary of the air pollution caused by wood heaters.

The annual Burn Right Tonight campaign urges Canberrans to use their wood heaters correctly, or consider switching to a more sustainable option.

Minister for the Environment and Heritage Mick Gentleman said smoke from domestic wood heaters remains the largest source of air pollution in the Territory.

“We are reminding Canberrans about the effective use of wood heaters to minimise pollution and help protect residents from harmful health impacts,” the Minister said.  

“It is important that Canberrans are aware of the effects of wood smoke so that they can use their wood heaters more effectively, or replace them.”

Tips for ensuring heaters are used correctly include: using dry, well-seasoned, untreated wood; opening the air control fully when starting a fire; using smaller logs to maintain a vigorous fire; and not leaving a fire smouldering overnight.

“The ACT Government has some great incentives for residents to replace their wood heater with more environmentally-friendly alternatives such as electric systems,” Minister Gentleman said.
“Those who wish to simply remove their wood heater can receive a rebate of $100.”

The ACT Government is running advertising for the Burn Right Tonight campaign throughout winter.