Setting new records*

Records and information management in local council is not often renowned for innovation.

Yet by redesigning their service model and implementing versaSRS, the Information Governance team at the City of Onkaparinga is actively enabling a responsive and performance driven council.    

Prior to versaSRS being implemented, requests were sent through to a team email address. This in itself created a lot of issues as it was also used to communicate and give advice to each other within the team. Requests would get lost in the volume of emails and there was no visibility of the number of requests coming through on a daily basis.

“It was just messy and labour intensive and not fit for purpose when you’re talking about a council of this size”, Team Leader Yvette Van Berkel said.

Yvette had a clear vision in mind of what she wanted to achieve from a software solution: to categorise and track requests; build profiles to capture information consistently and be able to report on performance and service level agreements.

“We went with versaSRS because it could meet everything that we needed at the level that we were looking at.”

The implementation itself was set up and running in a day.
The team took to the system very easily as did the wider organisation with around 98% of requests coming through the versaSRS portal almost immediately.

Turnaround times for requests are visibly decreasing. The benefits of being able to see each other’s work and support one another has also improved the team’s communication and efficiency.

For their efforts, the Information Governance team took out last year’s ‘Courageous’ Team Values award as nominated by the staff at Onkaparinga. The flow on effect to team morale has been obvious.

“There’s a really great vibe within the team. There’s a lot of changes we’ve put in place and versaSRS is a core part of that.”

“It isn’t always about more staff it’s about looking at your processes in a different way to be able to do more with less and that can actually be done.”

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