‘Internet of Things’ creates smart park

Article image - ‘Internet of Things’ creates smart park Tom Simpson Park in the City of Joondalup.

Bins that alert the City when they are almost full, sensors that monitor weather and noise conditions and car parks that tell drivers if there are vacant spaces are part of a digital innovation trial being undertaken by the City of Joondalup in Western Australia to create Australia’s smartest park.

The City has entered an ‘Internet of Things’ partnership with Telstra, to test the latest Smart City environmental and digital applications at the popular Tom Simpson seaside park in Mullaloo.

The Proof of Concept trial aims to foster increased innovation, reflecting the City’s Digital Strategy, of which a key action is to build community capacity and innovate government services, including investigating the benefits of smart infrastructure.

Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard said the City is on track to realising its vision of being a global city that is bold, creative and prosperous by working to place innovation at the core of local planning and tsocial and economic policies.

“Our challenge is to better understand the drivers of intelligent communities so there is a shared approach to improving the way we live, work and spend our leisure time,” Mayor Pickard said.

“Sensor technology can help improve traffic and waste management to achieve greater efficiencies, cost savings and enhanced service to the community – it’s about doing better business and being truly innovative.

“A more efficient City is one that can be marketed as a competitive, progressive and supportive environment for business and community that adds to our liveability and prosperity.”

Mayor Pickard said the sensor technology connects to a dashboard, which allows City staff to monitor in real time, traffic movements, bin and park use as well as environmental factors affecting patronage.

“Connectivity enables swift analysis of data and the ability to respond to emerging issues immediately, which helps decision-making and ultimately provides a better experience for residents and visitors,” he said.

“The City of Joondalup is aspiring to be a globally recognised intelligent community and knowledge economy that attracts investors and reduces our impact on the environment.

“Digital innovation will help improve community satisfaction and access to services and information by better understanding the needs of our customers.”

Telstra’s Executive Director Government and Not-For-Profit Oliver Camplin-Warner said the possibility of the Internet of Things is infinite.

“We see potential for data driven insights, made possible through technology to enable councils around Australia to manage their towns and cities more efficiently and strive for a better way of living for the community.”

The ‘Internet of Things’ trial is scheduled to run for three months from mid-June this year and data gathered will be used to identify wider potential uses for sensor technology.