CCTV improves community safety

Article image - CCTV improves community safety Installation of the cameras is now underway.

Broome Shire Council has undertaken a significant CCTV project to improve safety across the region.

The installation of 24 state-of-the-art CCTV security cameras is now underway at key locations around the Broome town site.

The locations of the cameras were decided in consultation with Broome Police, and work to install the cameras and supporting infrastructure including monitors and servers is expected to take about six weeks.

The Shire of Broome secured $250,000 in grant funding from the State Government through the WA State CCTV Strategy to undertake the project, with further camera locations to be considered if future grant funding can be secured.

Once operational, vision from the cameras will be monitored live by Broome Police, as well as being recorded for future reference and use as evidence.

Broome Shire President, Ron Johnston, said that protecting the safety and wellbeing of the community was a key priority for Council.

“The new CCTV cameras will help to make our town safer by deterring potential offenders and assisting in identifying and apprehending offenders, and are part of a broader strategy for dealing with crime and antisocial behaviour in our town.”

CCTV cameras are a recommendation of the Shire of Broome’s Community Safety Plan.

The Community Safety Plan was developed in 2016 in consultation with the community and Police, Yawuru, Broome Liquor Accord, taxi services, Kullarri Patrol, Broome Visitor Centre, Broome Chamber of Commerce, Department of Justice, and Broome Youth and Families Hub.