Warming local businesses to solar

Mornington Peninsula Shire in Victoria is working with local businesses to switch over to the sun to drive their power needs.

The Rye Hotel and Best Western One Four Nelson are the first two local businesses in the municipality to sign up to Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) for the installation of solar panels.
The installation of 88kW of solar power onto their buildings has recently been completed and will reduce their ongoing electricity expenditure significantly.

This environmental upgrade will reduce the businesses’ carbon emissions and their operating costs, improve their environmental footprint, as well as support a clean and green peninsula.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Bev Colomb said, “I strongly encourage local business owners to do their homework about EUAs to see how they can benefit their organisation.”

Nepean Ward Councillor Hugh Fraser said, “We are acting to reduce the impacts of climate change and become more resilient to the inevitable effects. Businesses who take part in EUAs will be taking steps to reduce their impact on our beautiful peninsula.”

Rye Hotel owner and Chair of the Rye Beach Business Association Peter Houghton decided to undertake an EUA to save on electricity by having solar panels installed on the building.

“For some time I had been contemplating a solar installation, and had got a fair way down the line with an installation provider, however, the main obstacle when contemplating a project of this size is obviously the cost.

“After working with the Shire, I now have the ability to save on my electricity without having to finance the whole lot at the beginning. Thanks to the Shire I can pay in a series of instalments.

“Here is an opportunity to get ahead of the game and reduce one’s carbon footprint,” said Mr Houghton.

Mornington Peninsula Shire is offering EUAs to businesses owning or leasing commercial, non-residential buildings on the peninsula.  
EUAs are a low-interest financing mechanism enabling businesses to better access finance for environmental upgrades to existing buildings.

Offering EUAs forms part of the Shire’s commitment to carbon neutrality and taking that commitment to the community by facilitating projects.

The Shire has partnered with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund to provide this opportunity to owners of local commercial buildings
in the municipality.

Unique in Australia, the Sustainable Melbourne Fund provides support to building owners, businesses, investors and local councils to improve asset value, develop new enterprises, improve workplaces and reduce risk.