Battery technology maximises solar energy

Willoughby Council in New South Wales is utilising new battery technology to increase the benefits of their solar farm.

The Council has installed battery technology to store excess power produced by the Chatswood Solar Farm, and in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions and electricity costs.

Council’s solar farm was installed on the top level of the Westfield Chatswood car park in 2013, and is used to power the Dougherty Community Centre on Victor Street and the Devonshire Street Children’s Centre.

The new Lithium Ion battery technology will allow the excess electricity from the Solar Farm to be used at peak times when the solar farm is not generating electricity, typically early in the morning and evenings.

Ongoing benefits will be a dramatic reduction in Council’s consumption from the grid and associated costs and greenhouse gas savings. It is anticipated that the batteries will have paid for themselves within a period of eight years.