LaTrobe mentoring program provides assistance for small to medium businesses

A community initiative developed by the LaTrobe Council in Tasmania is assisting in the small to medium sized businesses within the community. The LaTrobe Business Mentoring Program works on the principle that ‘building theperson helps to build the business’.

It aims to further develop business and commercial opportunities within the LaTrobe area. Co sponsored by the LaTrobe Council, Tasmanian Business and Employment Centre and Mentor Resources of Tasmania, the program was launched on 11 April this year.

Initially, a participant meets with the Tasmanian Business and Employment Centre to discuss their requirements. They are then matched with a successful business person that best suits their needs and preferences.

“The volunteer mentor provides the client with unbiased opinions and guidance based on their own business experience,” said Council’s Community Development Officer, Julie Loone.“It isn’t intended to replace the need to access professional advice from lawyers or accountants, rather the process will often highlight a need for the mentoree to seek such advice.

“By focusing on current issues within the business, mentoring generally has a direct and immediate impact on the business’ performance. It succeeds because it allows people in small workplaces to learn rather than be trained and the learning tends to happen when the need arises rather than in anticipation of a need.”

For further information, contact Julie Loone on (03) 6426 1041.