Composting at kinders

Between April and June, pre-schoolers from 10 kindergartens across the municipality were involved in the City of Port Phillip’s Compost Capers in Kinders program.

The four year olds met Gertie the Giant Worm, dressed up in zany insect costumes, help act out the story of the sad compost bin and discovered who actually lives in a worm farm. They were able to see compost creatures up close via ‘videomicroscope’ and the children also learnt how to make their own Gertie worm puppet.

At the end of the hour long session, all children received a certificate that proclaimed them able to solve the rubbish problem and save the environment by composting.

Each kindergarten received a compost information kit and a demonstration on how to set up a worm farm in a polystyrene foam box.

“It’s never too young – or old – to learn how to be green,” Port Phillip Mayor, Darren Ray, said. “The younger generation already knows this. Generations X and Y are often deplored for their lack of political commitment but they can certainly teach us a thing or so about respecting the environment.

“The Compost Capers in Kinders program was fun but had an underlying message that we all have a responsibility in making this municipality – and this planet – cleaner and greener.

“What kid doesn’t find worms fascinating?”