Cleaning up our act in waste management

The offensive smell and remnant contents of waste disposal bins are a widespread problem in most municipalities. Flats, restaurants, schools, businesses, and in fact anywhere where there are bins, particularly in confined areas, are all prone to suffer the off putting odious smell, and unpleasant lack of hygiene, associated with bins in need of a good clean.

Cleaning them presents the equally distasteful problem of how to dispose of the unpleasant waste residues hygienically, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Enviro-Bins Victoria (EBV) was started to address this problem, with the view to providing environmental protection and a much needed community service at the same time. Using an innovative recycling system, bins are cleaned, disinfected and deodorised on site, under a high pressure water system. No effluent is washed down the drains, as the unit contains all washings captive within the system. All sludge and other solids are removed to solid waste, whereas liquid effluent is retained, filtered and recycled for reuse in the washing system.

“Water conservation is an immediate benefit, but the main positive impact on our environment is the protection of stormwater quality, and therefore the amenity of our Bay,” said Gordon Guthrie from Enviro-Bins Victoria. “For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week, this innovative system helps control unwanted bacteria build up, reduces vermin infestation, and eliminates all unpleasant odours from wheelie bins or other types of bin.”

For further information on this service contact Enviro-Bins Victoria on (03) 8500 3332 or email [email protected] There is also an independent sister service for the Sydney region, using the same innovative system, ‘Enviro-Bin Cleaning Pty Ltd’, telephone (02) 9326 7489.