Biodiversity Toolbox for Local Government

A practical web-based resource to help Local Governments conserve biodiversity is currently being developed. Councils are encouraged to contribute toward the Toolbox, which will be completed by October 2002. The Toolbox idea was initiated by the Biological Diversity Advisory Committee and is being developed and produced by Environs Australia with funding from the Natural Heritage Trust Bushcare Program. The National Local Government Biodiversity Education Steering Committee, comprising representatives from Local Government and other agencies, is guiding the development of the Toolbox.

What is the biodiversity toolbox and how will it assist Local Government?

The Biodiversity Toolbox will provide practical information to Local Governments, throughout Australia, particularly in remote and rural communities, about how to conserve biodiversity in their region. A CD-Rom containing relevant material from the website will be available to Councils with limited web access on request.

The Toolbox will include

  • A strategic framework for biodiversity conservation.
  • Policy and legislative bases for biodiversity conservation.
  • Templates and model planning provisions that can be modified for local relevance.
  • Tools and resources for conserving biodiversity.
  • Case studies of best practice amongst Councils.
  • Procedures for implementing incentives schemes.

A number of Councils have already expressed interest in contributing to the Toolbox. Environs Australia will be in contact with these Councils to discuss their resource needs and opportunities to contribute material to the Toolbox.

It is anticipated that the Toolbox will be completed by October 2002. A brochure will be distributed to all Councils in October 2002 to promote the Toolbox, raise awareness among Councillors and senior managers and to inspire potential local champions.

If you would like further information or would like to contribute examples of work being undertaken at your local or regional level, please contact Kellie Walters, National Biodiversity Project Officer Environs Australia, Ph: (02) 9288 5336; Email: [email protected]

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