Aboriginal environmental health strategy

Western Australia’s Shire of Ashburton’s Environmental Health Strategy will allow environmental health needs in Aboriginal communities to be identified and managed more efficiently. By focusing on major influences, such as the management of the physical environment; biological hazards; and chemical hazards, environmental health outcomes will be enhanced.

“The strategy ensures public health services are maintained and resources are utilised more effectively by improving communication between all agencies involved, enabling local authorities to focus initiatives where they are most needed,” said Council’s Principal Environmental Health Officer, Steven Goodridge.

The new strategy involves community statistics and service providers being recorded on a weekly basis so that deficiencies are identified, and duplication in delivery by government departments is avoided.

“Regular monitoring of conditions means that defective equipment and infrastructure can be located early, before major problems develop,” Steven Goodridge said.

Furthermore, it will identify and address any gaps that currently exist in providing services to remote Aboriginal communities. In addition the strategy outlines specific programs and intentions, providing a vital blueprint for Council to work from, build on and react to dynamically in the future, the goal being improved living standards and increased longevity at the remote communities.

For further information, contact Steve Goodridge on (08) 9189 1029.